Davao Kpop Flashmob 2012 (042812)

The 2nd Kpop Flashmob in Davao City, Philippines by Davao Kpoppers Society in collaboration with Kpop Davao.

Flashmob songlist:
Opening: Fantastic Baby - Big Bang
1. Sherlock (Clue+Note) - SHINee
2. Be My Baby - Wonder Girls
3. The Boys - SNSD/Girls Generation
4. Goodbye Baby - Miss A
5. Going Crazy - Teen Top
6. Superman - Super Junior
7. Get Out - JYJ
8. I Am The Best - 2NE1
9. Ma Boy - SISTAR19
Finale: Lovey Dovey - T-ARA

(Source: wooyoung)

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the journal of a frustrated gamer.: why super junior went to prison.



public disturbance from all them boners


when the cia, fbi and interpol collaborated to hold him accountable for his plans of world domination

zhou mi:

for defying hangeng of his long legs


lying about his age in formal documents