What: KPOP Flashmob 2012

When: April 23-27, 1:00pm - 5:00pm (Practices)
          April 28, 4:30pm or 5:00pm (Actual Flashmob)

Where: People’s Park (specifically sa Great Lawn or Sunken Garden for practices)

Registration Fee: PHP 80.00

Fee breakdown:
- Electricity charge
- Drinking water
- Miscellaneous fees

Dont forget to read the following:

General Information and Rules [x]

Rules in Voting [x]

Registration Form [x]

For further information feel free to ask the contact persons for the event.

Contact Persons:

Pamy   - 09421412009 (FB) (Twitter) (Tumblr)
Xelly    - 09434668014 (FB) (Twitter) (Tumblr)
Pierce  - 09239670549 (FB)

This event is brought to you by: Davao Kpop Soc. and Kpop Davao


When God showered beauty for the female population Heechul, Jaejoong and Ren were outside taking almost all of it.

Your favorite band goes on a WORLD WIDE TOUR

Band: We'll meet all our fans soon!
Me: OMG OMG OMG! I should save money now! See my bias, hug him marry him surprise him and everything! I will give him a gift that he will love since he is going to my country because its a world wide tour! OMG OMG OMG!

TRAX Village, Super Junior Island, Exo Planet, SnSd city, SHINee World, F(x) nation, BoA town….. Okay, I’ll be in my Dong Bang Universe if you need me. 8D

Just saying…


SBS Gayo Daejun - Ending (Yunho)

-.- I am a jealous fangirl. Come and brick me. Anyway, Yunho is such a good man. Look at how he is doing there..^^

So, where’s the team who’s assigned to BURN DOWN SME? The ESCAPE ROUTE TEAM? also the ones to SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY KILL LSM and KYM? We need to be organized guys.

Who has the blueprint of SME’s building? 0.0

OMG. I found this around my old files. :)) OMG. Zhou Mi i love you..but loool.

OMG. I found this around my old files. :)) OMG. Zhou Mi i love you..but loool.

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Confession 03


Might sound a little bit strange but yes, i am jealous of ELFS.

Super Junior members did not go on separate ways as different groups.

Others were just basically M.I.A. /though i know Hangeng is really out the group.

Im jealous that Super Junior has 15 members, they lost 4, they still have 11 left. /or something like that

You know, to feel that even if the members of Super Junior would go to military after their years there, they would still be back as Super Junior, standing tall in front of you ELFS. 

In my fandom, they split up. One is still keeping the name ‘TVXQ’ the other using the name ‘JYJ’. There are only 5 of them in their group. It hurts that both of them are promoting at the same time /though in different countries. It hurts that i am forever confused on which merchandise i need to buy with my limited money. It hurts to know that they don’t even contact each other. It hurts because i had been there for them for more than 6 years and a habit is just hard to change. It hurts that nobody knows if they could still be 5 again or what. It hurts and this is why i am jealous of all you ELFs, you just don’t know how lucky you guys are, you just don’t.

T/N: I’m just saying my thoughts.

^Ain’t that one in the middle, BIGEAST of TVXQ? -watch here- :P

LOL, i don’t know its just funny to see how that is mistaken for ELF when technically its not. LOL LOL LOL. Check your sources guys && don’t say that this is ELF EVER AGAIN. Peace out.