Will be unfollowing blogs…

Since i barely see any TVXQ/JYJ stuff in my dash, i will unfollow blogs that barely post anything related to my fandom. So, i am sorry to the blogs i will be unfollowing…its just i need more TVXQ in my life not other fandoms. I know i am so biased  . ^^ 


JYJ- Kim Jaejoong Dr. Jin teaser

Jaejoong and his sister got the good genes…

NO. The great genes…and i just sit here and sob at how gorgeous they both look like.



Davao Kpop Flashmob 2012 (042812)

The 2nd Kpop Flashmob in Davao City, Philippines by Davao Kpoppers Society in collaboration with Kpop Davao.

Flashmob songlist:
Opening: Fantastic Baby - Big Bang
1. Sherlock (Clue+Note) - SHINee
2. Be My Baby - Wonder Girls
3. The Boys - SNSD/Girls Generation
4. Goodbye Baby - Miss A
5. Going Crazy - Teen Top
6. Superman - Super Junior
7. Get Out - JYJ
8. I Am The Best - 2NE1
9. Ma Boy - SISTAR19
Finale: Lovey Dovey - T-ARA

Talking about Cassiopeia

Teacher: What are the 5 major stars that form Cassiopeia?
Student 1: Ah! Its Caph, Shedir, Segin....
Teacher: What?
Me: The 5 stars that form Cassiopeia are Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin.
Teacher: ....
Student 1: ....
Me: Shame on you all!

Junsu: Noryangjin … Sashimi restaurants area… Xiah clan…………… OrganizationJung Ji Man (jiman86):  @1215thexiahtic Boss…Junsu: @jiman86 Good! Kid, Let’s go!! Go Go SingSim Ji Hwan (@JiHwan_Sim): @1215thexiahtic Boss, what is my duty?? KekeJunsu: @JiHwan_Sim Hmm… you are the mission leader. KeLim Byung Han (@code07lim): @1215thexiahtic What? My post of mission leader is snatched?!Junsu: @code07lim Hyung is… adviser!Jung Ji Man: @1215thexiahtic How about me?Junsu: @jiman86 GeneralJung Ji Man: @1215thexiahtic How about Young Pil hyung?Junsu: @jiman86 Assistant Chief… Ke [Trans: SYC]


Junsu: Noryangjin … Sashimi restaurants area… Xiah clan…………… Organization
Jung Ji Man (jiman86):
@1215thexiahtic Boss…
@jiman86 Good! Kid, Let’s go!! Go Go Sing
Sim Ji Hwan (@JiHwan_Sim):
@1215thexiahtic Boss, what is my duty?? Keke
@JiHwan_Sim Hmm… you are the mission leader. Ke
Lim Byung Han (@code07lim):
@1215thexiahtic What? My post of mission leader is snatched?!
@code07lim Hyung is… adviser!
Jung Ji Man:
@1215thexiahtic How about me?
@jiman86 General
Jung Ji Man:
@1215thexiahtic How about Young Pil hyung?
@jiman86 Assistant Chief… Ke [Trans: SYC]

Hello. She’s your “fan”. She cries everynight because she can’t get to know you personally. She cries because you don’t even know about her existence. She smiles when you smile. She smiles when she looks a picture of yourself. She smiles when she listen to your songs. She smiles when you say you love your fans, because she knows that she is one of them. She doesn’t sleep waiting for your new song or video. She fills her computer with millions and millions of your photos and gifs of yourself, but it doesn’t matter, because she won’t delete anything. She’s the person who bore her friends talking about you all day. She would make anything for one of your 5 second hugs. She tweet you everyday in a few words how much she loves you. She prays everynight to God for you. She’s the “weird girl” in the school, just for being your fan. She’s your fan, she loves you unconditionally, she would make everything for you even though you wouldn’t. So, when you get to know her, hug her and tell her that you love her, because she has been loving you all this time without seen you.

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What: KPOP Flashmob 2012

When: April 23-27, 1:00pm - 5:00pm (Practices)
          April 28, 4:30pm or 5:00pm (Actual Flashmob)

Where: People’s Park (specifically sa Great Lawn or Sunken Garden for practices)

Registration Fee: PHP 80.00

Fee breakdown:
- Electricity charge
- Drinking water
- Miscellaneous fees

Dont forget to read the following:

General Information and Rules [x]

Rules in Voting [x]

Registration Form [x]

For further information feel free to ask the contact persons for the event.

Contact Persons:

Pamy   - 09421412009 (FB) (Twitter) (Tumblr)
Xelly    - 09434668014 (FB) (Twitter) (Tumblr)
Pierce  - 09239670549 (FB)

This event is brought to you by: Davao Kpop Soc. and Kpop Davao


Jaejoong’s beauty is mocking my existence as a woman.


"According to them, the audio clip had been recorded when Jaejoong had gone to see his girlfriend, and resorted to violence due to not wanting their date to become exposed"

BRB. As i take in the details of him having a girlfriend.


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10.4 million USD, earned by a broken group with shattered fandom. >)

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다 지워버린: sushishinki: jaejoong-sshi: media, seriously.you have barely aired...



media, seriously.

you have barely aired any appereances of JYJ on tv, yet for yoochun’s dad’s funeral you just have to hold a special broadcast.

just how sick you guys can be

are they fucking kidding me?

these people are disgusting. as jyj members…


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Day 3 - Your least favorite DBSK song

High time Get ur groovin’on I’m alright I’m alright I’m OK High time (I’m alright I’m alright) Get ur groovin’on ( I’m OK)…

…Is there still such a thing as trust? Is there no one who will take a vow?

Yoochun caught a fever. (cr: Junah_K)

BRB as i cry in front of my computer. ;;___;;