Davao Kpop Flashmob 2012 (042812)

The 2nd Kpop Flashmob in Davao City, Philippines by Davao Kpoppers Society in collaboration with Kpop Davao.

Flashmob songlist:
Opening: Fantastic Baby - Big Bang
1. Sherlock (Clue+Note) - SHINee
2. Be My Baby - Wonder Girls
3. The Boys - SNSD/Girls Generation
4. Goodbye Baby - Miss A
5. Going Crazy - Teen Top
6. Superman - Super Junior
7. Get Out - JYJ
8. I Am The Best - 2NE1
9. Ma Boy - SISTAR19
Finale: Lovey Dovey - T-ARA

With my fellow Cassiopeia. ^^ I love them all.
Find me.. LOLz.

With my fellow Cassiopeia. ^^ I love them all.

Find me.. LOLz.


We’ll be representing CASSIOPEIA in tomorrow’s event with the performance that we just learned yesterday. =.= I am scared. Lord, HALP!

If anyone here is going tomorrow, please excuse our performance because we only had 1 and a half day to learn it and its a day and a half prior to the event. =.= My feet are swollen because of the complicated dances. ;;___;;

I wanna cry now. huhuhu. Somebody give me food. Please. -___-

I need to rest now, i still need to get up early tomorrow to prepare our props or whatever. :))

Still contemplating whether to upload or not the videos from our KPOP FLASHMOB.. T^T


Davao KPOP Flashmob 2011: Tomorrow 5:00pm @ People’s Park along the Rainbow Walkway